June 1947. The Imperial Japanese Army is consolidating its position after almost 16 years of war, fi..
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24 models per set.28mm sized plastic figures.Supplied unassembled and unpainted...
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As the Allies advance towards Germany, they face dogged resistance from the hard-pressed German forc..
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“Listen! Listen to the waves! Listen to the god! He is speaking to us, and he says, We shall have no..
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From the streets of Paris to the city's subterranean catacombs, your pursuit of the truth behind&nbs..
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This box set of 10 highly detailed, 32mm scale, resin miniatures o..
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He tried to take his mind off the roiling in his stomach by talking with Gilly as she nursed her son..
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“This woman isn’t like Midas, or what we have known before. She is a true scientific breakthrough, n..
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“Who are the Union? A mismatched bunch o’ mercenaries, scum and criminals for the most part. You wou..
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This accessory pack contains 30 Heritor Ability cards and 30 Warden Spell cards, allowing players to..
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Exclusive Warlord Games Miniature. This is a one off Warlord Games miniature and only available whil..
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There is no shortage of trained seamen who will happily sign-on to a Heritor’s expedition to the Gho..
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