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KOZ-2 Zaphoriozian Cossack Cavalry

KOZ-2 Zaphoriozian Cossack Cavalry

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Registered Mounted Cossacks

Zaphorozian Cossacks Cavalry

Registered moloitsy served the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth for a small pay, cloth for uniforms and some privileges. Mounted Cossacks fulfilled a supporting role in the Cossack army, usually fighting as dragoons. Useful in reconnaissance missions, screening role and in pursuit of the enemy, in battle they preferred to fight dismounted alongside other infantry. Mounted Cossacks did not use armor and were equipped with sabers, rohatyna or spisa spears and wheel lock muskets or arquebuses.

Set include 9 mounted models and 3 plastic bases

Models supplied unassembled and unpainted.

15mm, metal

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