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Japanese Ace Pilot: Yozo Tsuboi

Japanese Ace Pilot: Yozo Tsuboi

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Tsuboi was a graduate of the Naval Reserve Aviation Group’s 9th Class in January 1943. He began his combat flying career with the 934th Kokutai flying A6M2-N floatplane fighters in the Dutch East Indies. Tsuboi also saw limited action flying missions in the N1K1 Kyofu before joining the 302nd Kokutai late in 1944. Between December 1944 and February 1945 Tsuboi rose to become the first and only Ace in the J2M Raiden, credited with five and a half victories including two B29 superfortresses and four F6F Hellcats (one shared). Tsuboi was killed by return fire from a Superfortress in April 1945.

Contains one Warlord Resin Mitsubishi J2M Raiden 'Jack' plane and game aids.

Models supplied unassembled and unpainted

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