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Intensity Ink OSL White

Intensity Ink OSL White

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OSL White paint is a specific type of acrylic ink that is used in miniature painting to create a glowing effect on figures and accessories. This matte finish ink is particularly recommended for achieving vibrant colors, glazes, filters, and blends. OSL stands for Object Source Lighting, which refers to the technique of painting an object as if it were the source of light itself and it is frequently used in miniature painting to create dramatic and eye-catching effects. It is important to consider the direction and intensity of the light source, as well as the surrounding environment and any other objects that may be affected by the light. 

The key is to start with a thin layer of this white ink and gradually build up the brightness and intensity of the glow with multiple layers and colors of Fluorescent Paint. With practice and experimentation, miniature painters can create stunning and realistic lighting effects

This technical paint will allow you to create the illusion of light emanating from the object and can be used to simulate a variety of light sources, such as torches, magical spells, or glowing energy fields. 

Contents: 1 dropper bottle 17ml - Valid for brush and airbrush.

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