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Wehrmacht Heer/ Field Grey Uniform

Wehrmacht Heer/ Field Grey Uniform

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The tones of this 3Gen set have been selected for painting figures with the field grey uniforms of WW2 German soldiers.

Field grey was widely used throughout the various uniforms of the Wehrmacht, Fallschirmjäger (Paratroopers) and others troops, such as tank crews, and Special Forces.

In the set you will find the basic colors, shadows and lights for two versions, the green variant and the grey-blue variant from the eary period.

These uniforms could have different hues as they could vary depending on their origin.

This set contains:

  • AK11153 Field Grey Shadows Green Variant (Extra Dark Green).
  • AK11425 Field Grey Base 1 (Green Uniform).
  • AK11424 Field Grey Lights Green Variant (Grey Green).
  • AK11025 Field Grey Shadow Grey Variant (German Grey).
  • AK11423 Field Grey  Base 2 (Grey Uniform).
  • AK11426 Field Grey Lights Grey Variant (Grey Blue).
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