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Wargames Illustrated 435

Wargames Illustrated 435

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Reviews of Frostgrave: Mortal Enemies, Oathmark plastic Militia, and Setting the East Ablaze.


Dom Sore fires up his Release Radar to search out great new releases.


Short, quick-read posts from Wi readers about their hobby projects, notes, news, and observations.

theme: Building the Battle of Hattin

Tareq Rajab took on a truly incredible first miniature project; a display diorama showcasing one of the pivotal battles in the history of the Holy Land, featuring 3,500 miniatures!

rules showcase: Civis romanus sum

James explores Footsore’s latest release, Gangs of Rome, as well as the first capital city of the Roman Empire that inspired it.

theme: The crowning of henry tudor

Nick Folley mixes Athena Miniatures civilians with Perry Miniatures plastics to create a narrative scene from the Wars of the Roses.

The Barons’ War Grand Melee

Dom Sore temporarily abandons his Release Radar to recce the wargaming circuit, reporting on a new tournament.

theme: Enhanced MDF

Armed with various packs of Brutal Cities’ excellent MDF kits, and ABC Warriors graphic novels for reference, Matt Parkes got to work making some themed terrain!

A Festering Ulcer

Colonel (Retired) Bill Gray introduces us to the Battle of Toulouse, where there was still ample fighting capability in Napoleon’s Army of Spain, even after their exit from the Peninsular.

theme: Batch painting Fireforge Ashigaru

In Wi433, Steve Wood reviewed Fireforge’s  new range of Japanese plastics. This issue he shows how he went on to paint the Ashigaru.

Pristine Painted French Napoleonics

We showcase Eddie Bermingham’s magnificent French Napoleonic army, which includes various competition winning units, and his new Epic scale force.

theme: Regimenting Sláine’s Half-Dead

Callum France turns some packs of Warlord Games Sláine figures into a ranked-up unit for old school fantasy gaming.

Pirates, Saints,and Crusaders

Steve Tibble casts his expert eye over the adventures of Godric of Finchale, the unlikely individual who was pivotal in the continuation of the crusader states.

theme: Board building on a budget

Paul (AKA Pandy), from Pandyman Entertainment, describes how he built new terrain for his Trench Offensive WWI gaming.

The 2023 Awards - the results

Editor Dan presents the winners and runners up in the prestigious Wargames Illustrated Awards 2023, voted for by thousands of readers!

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