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The Witcher RPG: Lords & Lands GM Screen

The Witcher RPG: Lords & Lands GM Screen

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Lords and Lands is the first expansion for The Witcher Roleplaying Game. An expansion for gamemasters and players alike, Lords and Lands will include a GM Screen and a softcover booklet. The four panel GM Screen is packed with the tables and information that Gamemasters need to run the game smoothly; the players’ side features the kind of art The Witcher is famous for!

Meanwhile the 16 page softcover Lords and Lands booklet includes a variety of new features to impact your game. Halflings are now a playable race to add more variety to your group. The Noble profession is now also open to players; playing a Noble presents an interesting balance between social intrigue and battlefield tactics; this allows them to be anything from a sneaky, underhanded courtier to a stalwart, noble knight on the battlefields of the 3rd Northern War! For the GMs there’s ready made information and stats on the average NPCs your group might encounter. Finally, there’s more interesting equipment that your players might want or need.

Lords and Lands Contents:
A four panel GM Screen covered in handy information.
Statistics and information on a number of common “everyman” NPCs to help populate the Continent in a hurry.
Players can now work the land with a new playable Race, the Halflings!
Or they can rule and manage the land instead, with the new Noble Profession!
Finally, there will be a fine selection of new goods from the back of Rodolf’s Wagon to purchase!

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