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T-34/85 Scout Company

T-34/85 Scout Company

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Contains: 4x T-34/85 Tanks

The T-34 series of tanks were widely recognised as an excellent design that had a profound effect on not only the course of World War II, but subsequent tank development for a long time. Over time the original specifications were refined to not only make the tank easier to produce, but also keep up with the need for increased firepower as enemy tank designs caught up and eventually surpassed the T-34.

The T-34/85 built upon an already successful design with increased armour protection. A larger turret was also added to accomodate a third crew member (previously in the hull) and increase the size of gun from 76mm to the more powerful ZiS-S-53 85mm. These improvements gave Soviet forces a tank that was once again more armoured, mobile, and destructive than its contemporaries.

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