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SU-100 Tank Killer Company

SU-100 Tank Killer Company

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Contains: 5x SU-100 Tanks

German use of assault guns that combined excellent armour and firepower with ease of manufacturing prompted the Soviets to begin the design of their own models. The reliable T-34 chassis was selected as one of the options to begin design work and by 1942 the SU-122, armed with a 122mm howitzer, was rolling off the production lines.

Continuous improvements in design resulted in first the SU-85, featuring the same 85mm gun as the T-34/85, and then the SU-100 which entered service in October 1944. In addition to the improved firepower, the SU-100 also had much thicker armour than its predecessors. This significantly improved the performance on the battlefield as well as making it popular with its crews.

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