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Strategy & Tactics 309: The War of Turkish Liberation

Strategy & Tactics 309: The War of Turkish Liberation

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The War of Turkish Liberation begins during the first half of 1920, when the victors of World War I (Greece, France, Italy, and Great Britain) tried to implement the partition of the Ottoman Empire that had been agreed to at the treaty of Sévrés. There are two players in this game:the Revolutionary player and the Imperialist player. The Revolutionary player controls the Bolshevik and Turkish Nationalist armies, and the Imperialist player controls the armies of Greece, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia.

There are a total of 11 game turns (from Spring 1920 to Autumn 1922). At the end of game turn 11, the Imperialist player wins if he has accrued enough Victory Points for capturing key objectives throughout Turkey and adjacent countries. The Revolutionary player wins if he prevents his opponent from capturing key objectives.

Components: One 22″ x 34″ map & 200 counters

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