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Rangers of Shadow Deep - A Gathering of Heroes

Rangers of Shadow Deep - A Gathering of Heroes

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With the evils of the Shadow Deep clawing at his borders, the King of Alladore sent out a call to every realm, a summoning of heroes to come and stand against the darkness. In truth, he had little hope that his plea would be answered, and it is true that no large armies have come to Alladore’s aid, but help has come! Mainly they came in ones and twos, or small unassuming groups, but they came. Spellcasters, mercenaries, knights-errant, desert nomads... heroes from the lands surrounding Alladore have come to stand with their brothers and sisters. Individually, they seem an insignificant force, but with their skills and special abilities added to those of the rangers, they might just tip the balance!


  • Advanced Character Creation including new Traits and Limitations that players can
    use to bring greater tactical and narrative variation to their rangers.
  • Ten ‘Archetypes’ that players can use to create new characters, representing the
    heroes that have come from the lands around Alladore to join the fight against the
    Shadow Deep.
  • Collects five previously stand-alone supplements for the game: Blood Moon, Temple
    of Madness, Ghost Stone, Incinerator, and Menagerie.
  • Fifty-two unique enchanted weapons.
  • A bestiary featuring all the creatures from the core rulebook and all the collected
  • Copious new artwork from the visionary of the Shadow Deep, Barrett Stanley.


  • 1x Rangers of the Shadow Deep - A Gathering of Heroes
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