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Pokemon: Yen Championships Deck 2023

Pokemon: Yen Championships Deck 2023

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Grab a World Championships deck and play like a champion! Choose one of four powerful decks, each a card-for-card replica of an actual title-contender's deck from the 2023 Pokémon Trading Card Game World Championships!

In the hands of Champion Shao Tong Yen, this clever Lost Box Kyogre deck washed away the competition in Yokohama. While it hinges on a strategy fit for a Pokémon TCG Champion-an awful lot of cards have to be in the Lost Zone in order to "turn on" this deck's biggest rewards-those rewards are well worth the challenge. Comfey's Flower Selecting Ability and Colress's Experiment are more than capable of quickly stocking the Lost Zone. And if the cards fall right, players can piece together Shao Tong's epic Kyogre combo for the win!


  • 60-card World Championships Deck
  • 2023 World Championships booklet
  • Special 2023 World Championships pin
  • 2023 World Championships coin
  • 2023 World Championships deck box
  • A playmat and poster
  • A code card for Pokémon Trading Card Game Live
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