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Pizza Party

Pizza Party

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Roll the dice and create your slice with the fast-paced Pizza Party game!
If you can’t resist a slice of pizza then Pizza Party is your plat du jour! Speed is the key to playing Pizza Party – and winning. You keep rolling the dice, adding delicious toppings, completing slice cards and shouting ‘Mamma Mia’ until you have six slices to create a whole pizza bursting with tasty toppings. Pizza Party is the perfect birthday gift, stocking filler or ‘just because’ present. It’s simple to set up, suitable for six years and up and is great for keeping the kids entertained whilst travelling and at home. And it’s easy to expand this two player game – simply add more players with more games!

Mamma Mia!
To play Pizza Party each player takes five dice and one pizza slice card which they flip simultaneously and roll their five dice. On each slice card there are illustrations of pizza toppings including mushrooms, sausage, prawns, pepperoni, fish and bacon and each dice features illustrations of these six toppings. If, when you roll your dice, the topping on the dice matches a topping on your slice card, pop it on top and then, at top speed, re-roll all of the dice that didn’t match. Keep going in this crazy pizza-making manner until you have the correct dice on top of all of the toppings on your slice card and once it’s full shout ‘Mamma Mia’!

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