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POL-2 Pancerni (Armoured) Cavalry

POL-2 Pancerni (Armoured) Cavalry

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Pancerni Cavalry (Armoured Cavalry)

In 1648 some units of the Cossack style cavalry were renamed as Pancerni (armoured cavalry), either to distinguish them from rebel Cossacks or to indicate that they are better armoured. Pancerni were equipped just like Cossack style cavalry (firearms, sabres, sometimes bows) but usually had better armour (chainmail, misiurka helmet, and sometimes a kalkan shield). It was a medium cavalry formation, able to both charge and shoot.

Blister includes 9 mounted models:

1 x leaders
1 x standardbearers
7 x pancerni
9 x horses
Set of kalkans shields
Set of Banners
Plastic stands 3cm x 4 cm

Models supplied unassembled and unpainted.
15mm, metal

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