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Next To Wellington: General Sir George Murray

Next To Wellington: General Sir George Murray

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Based on previously-unpublished personal letters and military records, this biography provides a unique insight into the life, ambitions, opinions, and actions of Wellington’s most trusted, professional, and thoughtful staff officer, described as ‘the only man received into the unlimited confidence of Lord Wellington’. It is a full and frank story of one of the most respected and admired soldiers of his generation, his service in the Low Countries, Ireland, West Indies, and Egypt, and his importance in the Peninsular War. Murray’s development of the Quartermaster General’s department into an impressively efficient operation, touching on almost every aspect of the Army’s movement, topographical and military intelligence, and preparation for battle, was of immense value to Wellington.

More than a fighting soldier and new ‘scientific’ staff officer, Murray was picked for a number of diplomatic missions and negotiations, where his intelligence, popularity, and ability to relate equally easily to royalty, subordinates, and both enemy and allied officers, marked him out as an invaluable asset in the war against Napoleon.

Murray’s personal life and private thoughts are at all times centre stage, and an unlikely, scandalous, and socially damaging love match demonstrates Murray’s strong sense of loyalty and duty. These qualities underpinned his less-than-happy time in politics following Napoleon’s defeat. Murray and Wellington faced military and political foes side by side, trusted and admired each other, and were close personal friends for forty tumultuous years. Murray’s own story is here told for the first time.


“This is a thoroughly researched, well-written and very readable biography of an officer whose role in the Peninsular War has not previously received much recognition….” Miniature Wargames


"This book is majestic in its detail. Murray’s letters have been lavishly used, as has the unpublished work of, Ward, and each chapter is a new revelation and viewpoint on the conflicts we think we know so well. It’s not necessarily that the research is groundbreaking, but it is a focused perspective that we are not usually treated to." The Napoleon Series


“Murray’s significance has often been under-rated. Only now, with the appearance of Harding-Edgar’s book, do we have a full-scale account of Murray’s life. This is an interesting account of an interesting life. The book is attractively produced, and supported with nine, specially drawn maps and a profusion of well-chosen illustrations. It fills a major gap in the historical record.” Journal of the Society for Army Historical Research 

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