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MOS-4 Muscovite High Command

MOS-4 Muscovite High Command

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Muscovite High Command

The Muscovite Army was commanded by the Tsar himself. However, during campaigns trusted Voivodes, appointed by the ruler, led in his stead. They were granted the title of the First Voivode and commanded the so called Great Regiment. Voivodes` regiments (equivalents of a division) were commanded by Voivodes. Ordinary regiments (Pulk) were led by colonels called Golova. In the new pattern regiments the officer corps was similar to the ones in Western European armies – regiments were commanded by colonels (Oberst) oder Lieutenant Colonels.

This box contains:

2 x Volvodes
5 x Colonels/Golova
16 x musicians/standard beares
17 x horses
3 x sets of banners
7 x metal spears
2 x 4x4cm bases
5 x 4x3cm bases

15mm, metal

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