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Army Painter Miniature and Model Magnets

Army Painter Miniature and Model Magnets

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Level-up your miniature projects and make your gaming minis more versatile with The Army Painter Miniature & Model Magnets. Never again make the wrong weapon choice when assembling your wargame miniatures - utilize every weapon on your sprue with these miniature magnets and a bit of glue.

These supercharged rare-earth miniature magnets are made from very high-grade N52 neodymium and are strong enough for even the most heavy weapons! Featuring twenty 5x1mm (20) and eighty 3x1mm (80) magnets in total, you have a variety of options to suit all of your miniature magnetization needs. These pint-sized mini magnets pack a punch and enable gamers and hobbyists to do all kinds of conversions and weapon combinations. 

Perfect for changing weapons, use The Army Painter Miniature & Model Magnets for every vehicle in your army. Use them to accessorize your favorite characters or squad leaders. 

Magnet size:
20 magnets = 5x1 mm
80 magnets = 3x1 mm

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