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Mines of Meruta

Mines of Meruta

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The Mines of Meruta can be combined with the Dungeon Terrain to transform your gaming area into a mine. The tunnels can head off into the distance around the edges of the board, while the gaming area represents the mine entrance where the tracks come together, and where the action happens! There’s enough track to run it through several rooms if you wish, or it can be set up as a large open area as seen in our photos. This content is designed to go at one edge of your gaming area and there’s enough to fill around half a standard 2x2 board.

As part of our modular system, you can of course use all of the components separately, mixing and matching them with the other terrain to create rooms of your choice.

The mine tracks and scaffolding work as a standalone product, but the wall sections require the Dungeon Terrain for construction.

The terrain requires assembly, and some smaller parts will require glue.

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