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Zombicide: White Death - Divine Beasts

Zombicide: White Death - Divine Beasts

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The Zombicide White Death: Divine Beasts set contains 4 different Abominations based on mythical creatures that bring a new level of challenge to your Zombicide games.

Aside from their passive abilities, each Divine Beast has 3 special Action cards. When a Divine Beast activates during the Zombie phase, it draws from its deck of Action cards instead. Then it performs the legendary actions described on the card, heralding in waves of chaos across the board! Once a Divine Beast runs out of action cards in its deck, it vanishes from the board, signaling the spawn of the next Divine Beast.

Defeating a Divine beast grants the Survivor the blessing of a Skill card.

- 4 Abominations
- 1 Abomination Card
- 12 Divine Beast Action Cards
- 4 Skill Cards
- 1 Rules Leaflet

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