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M18 Hellcat Tank Destroyers

M18 Hellcat Tank Destroyers

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Contains: 4x M18 Hellcat Tanks

The M18 76mm GMC tank destroyer was designed by Buick in Detroit, Michigan. Of all the tank destroyer models used by the US Army, the M18 was the only one purpose-built for the TD men, taking aboard feedback in the field.

The number one request was speed, so the M18 was designed with a unique suspension system and stripped down to only the minimum armour needed to stop rifle fire. It used the same 9-cylinder engine found in a Sherman tank, but since the M18 weighed only 20 tons compared to the Sherman’s 35 tons, it could race along roads at an impressive 50mph (80km/h). This led to the vehicle’s unofficial nickname, the Hellcat.

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