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Land of the Giants

Land of the Giants

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Ancient secrets lie here, forgotten by the passage of time...
Grab your nearest shovel and head out - it's time to uncover mysterious treasures at a ruin left behind by an ancient people! It's unfortunate that they disappeared without a trace... On second thought, maybe it's sometimes better to let sleeping gods lie


Long wall x 2
Weathered Arch x 2
Column remains x 2
Short Wall x 2
Toppled Column A x 2
Toppled Column B x 2
Arches of the Ancestors x 4
Giant hand remains x 1
Vulture x 1
Giant head remains x 1
Atlas statue remains set x 1
Ancient Chapel x1

- Instatnt set up
- Monumental scale
- Designed for miniatures
- Easy to paint

Requires manual assembly and painting

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