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Khalsa! Wargaming the Anglo-Sikh Wars

Khalsa! Wargaming the Anglo-Sikh Wars

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Historical miniatures wargaming has been a popular hobby since at least the 1960s, and has become a diverse and multi-faceted pastime for thousands of people all over the globe. Players can walk the paths of military history in a game format, choosing any of the myriad campaigns of recorded military history from any time period and any part of the world. Such games often use carefully painted miniature model soldiers, each looking as close to its full size historical human counterpart as the wargamer can produce. This hobby is, for many, a visual feast as well as an intellectual entertainment and challenge. 

This book details the two wars fought by the British-Indian Army against the Sikh Empire of Northern India in the middle of the nineteenth century. These hard-fought wars eventually resulted in the addition of the Punjab to the territories of British India and the introduction of the famous Sikh regiments to the British-Indian army. The descendants of these regiments still survive in the armies of India and Pakistan today. As a guide to wargaming these fascinating and colourful conflicts this book provides detailed information on the organisation and uniforms of both armies together with advice on how to build armies of model soldiers, and which rules are suitable to enable the enthusiast to bring these enthralling battles to the wargames table. Additionally the book also contains detailed narratives and orders of battle of both sides for all of the major battles, as well as scenarios for the wargamer to translate to his or her tabletop.

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