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A heavy line infantry regiment, the Janissaries are trained to fight to the last man, and are equipped with armoured exoskeletons to withstand the toughest of combat situations. Recruited at a very young age from the orphanages of Funduq, their members are soon converted into strong warriors and staunch believers – demonstrating their faith by being dropped into hot-zones of enemy activity, fighting on the front line in bitter combat.

Sporting two new weapon options now unveiled in the new edition of the Human Sphere expansion book, this ia a great addition for anyone who has the Haqqislam Starter Pack as it provides all the not released weapon options of the Janissaries. Containing three Janissaries, one carrying a Missile Launcher and also a tiny and useful TinBot. This is a set no Haqqislamite player will want to miss.

This pack contains four highly detailed metal miniatures and bases for the Haqqislam faction for games of Infinity.

Please note: miniature supplied unpainted and some assembly may be required.

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