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Jagdtiger Tank-hunter Platoon

Jagdtiger Tank-hunter Platoon

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Contains: 2x Jagdtiger Tanks

The Jagdtiger was designed by Henschel, who already made the Tiger and Königstiger, or Tiger II, heavy tanks, and based it on the hull of the Tiger II. This gave the tank a solid foundation on which a lot of weight was added, with the 72-tonne tank-hunter being amongst the heaviest designs of the period.

The Jagdtiger’s thick armour was nearly invulnerable from the front with the casemate having 250mm (9.8”) of armour. The weight-saving casemate also allowed the Jagdtiger to mount the powerful 12.8cm anti-tank gun. This gun was derived from the K81 divisional gun and could penetrate any tank the Allies had, often blowing smaller vehicles into fragments. 

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