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Imperial Roman Engineers

Imperial Roman Engineers

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“So, what did the Romans ever do for us? Nothing! … Well. Yes Reg, apart from the roads…and the aqueducts, and the buildings….etc etc”

When the Roman Legionaries were not imposing themselves physically on their new neighbours they were put to good use in doing all manner of tasks…A busy soldier is a happy soldier as the centurions may say…

It was this amazing skill that enabled the army to march hundreds of miles on paved roads, to sleep safely in well constructed forts, to have fresh water brought to their barracks and to relax in comfortable baths and watch organized mayhem in sports arenas. No wonder the rest of the world was in awe of the skill of the Roman overlords.

Warlord’s brave lads are shown going about their tasks, no doubt ecstatic at being able to further the might of Rome through their sweat and aching bones…

One of them   is carrying a bundle of sudes (stakes) so useful when entrenching for the night. A second wields that typically roman army axe, a dolabra hacking down undergrowth so no sneaking barbarians can creep closer unobserved. It’s a rather handy last-ditch weapon too if truth be told…

One old soldier has slipped off his helmet to use his iron shod wooden shovel all the better, the Optio may well have words with him about that, a lot of work seems to be have done in full kit if the enemy is anywhere near. Finally we have a legionary with his tunic pulled up and knotted sorting and clearing rocks, a straw basket at his feet and a straw hat on his head. Maybe the rocks will be sorted as missiles, or simply more ballast for the roads, all he knows is do what you’re told and keep your head down and nose clean.

A fabulous addition to any Roman army, these models typify the skills and breadth of knowledge that the Roman army carried with it on its campaigns throughout the known world.  Have them on your base line in camp, or use them for a great scenario… Either way, get some in your Legion today Centurion!


This pack contains:

  • 4 Roman Engineers
  • 1 strip of Sudes stakes