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Fallout: Wasteland Vermin

Fallout: Wasteland Vermin

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The first sign of a mole rat attack is usually vicious biting and ripping at your face and body. Erupting from earth below your feet to snap and scratch, they can easily overwhelm even the most experienced wastelander with the fury and surprise of their attacks. Observant wanderers may notice their burrows and avoid them, but attempts to eradicate them when burrowed are almost always fruitless. They are expert diggers and their sharp claws are just at good as shoving dirt as they are at slicing the unwary.

While mole rats burrow and erupt from the ground, Radroaches will stay hidden and attack weak, wounded things. Their preferred habitats are cool, dank cellars and sheds, or underground sewers and train stations. Irradiated and swollen versions of their pre-war namesakes, Radroaches thrive in these inhospitable environments, sustained by refuse, decay and even (when necessary) each other. Despite the squalid nature of such places they often hide diamonds in the rough such as pre-war loot, energy sources, military bunkers or even entire vaults. Anyone daring enough to delve for these treasures should beware; more than a few wasteland wanders have met their ends via the incessant chittering bites and infected slashes of a wave of sullied Radroaches. 


  • 6x Radroaches
  • 3x Mole Rats 
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