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Fallout: Objective Markers 2

Fallout: Objective Markers 2

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The wasteland is full of colourful creatures and people, all vying for control, supremacy, and survival. In the post-apocalyptic ruins, one man’s trash is another Deathclaw’s treasure. However, there are some trinkets, weapons, chems or even junk that is universally useful.

Synths are either one the greatest threats out there or the path to saving humanity, depending on your point of view. What is not in doubt is that the body of a fallen synth is always a prize. Break it down for parts, examine it for weaknesses or fix it up to re-join the fray, you can only make the choice when you’ve claimed the downed android.

Any area where Synths have been seen is more than likely a battleground, and attracts high tech weaponry. Coming across a stash of fusion cells for laser weaponry is the find of a lifetime, and can set a survivor or raider for life – if they can hold it long enough to stake their claim. 

Living in a ‘future dystopia’ isn’t all ray guns and lasers the way those Vault-tec videos said it would be. Sometimes you have to stick to tried and tested methods, such as grenades and hard-round  pistol fire. Sure, you wouldn’t say no to a laser rifle now and then, but nothing stops a territory fight or rampaging creature invasion like a mini nuke. Grab this weapons crate and get fighting.

Searching for loot and equipment can be tough. Sometimes it’s all stacked up, left by a friendly previous owner (now thankfully absent), but at other times you have to look closer. In the last days before the war and the made scramble for resources afterwards, having supplies was only half the job. Hiding them effectively was the other half. While a thorough search of ruins may only turn up plastic trays or years of old tax returns, there’s the odd diamond in the rough. Filing cabinets with ash trays? Rough. Finding working missile launchers with missiles? Diamond.

Last but in no way least comes one of the basics: food. Sure, you can blow the enemy up, zap them, laser them, and horribly irradiate them. But if you’re not up for eating them afterwards, the victory can (literally) turn to ashes in your mouth. Food containers, crates, cans and bottle all provide sustenance for the hungry – but watch out. Even the best preserved food can have fallen foul of radiation. Eating too much can give you even more mouths to feed (along with extra arms, limbs and glowing bits).

This boxed set contains five 32mm scale multi-part high quality resin objective markers, each part of unique scenic bases, to allow players to expand their Fallout: Wasteland Warfare games.

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