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Dune RPG : Fall of the Imperium

Dune RPG : Fall of the Imperium

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The End Of Ten Thousand Years Of Empire

The time of the Imperium is ending. Emperor Shaddam IV is about to enact a plan to destroy the popular House Atreides using their old enemy, House Harkonnen. But this is merely the spark that sets the Known Universe on fire. Ancient plans are in motion, and one woman’s betrayal of her Sisterhood places the fate of the Imperium in the hands of her son, Paul Atreides. On the desert planet of Arrakis, the wheel of fate is poised to turn - and sweep everything in its path away. A storm is coming, one that will tear across every planet in the galaxy. Your House will find themselves in the midst of that storm, but will you survive or be torn to shreds? Will you help the Atreides or watch Arrakeen burn in silence? Can you secure new spice supplies while the Harkonnen regime falters and fails to provide? Will you align with the insurgent Fremen, or seize the chance to bargain for more power from a desperate Emperor on the brink of losing his dynasty?

In this epic campaign, you can experience the events of Frank Herbert's groundbreaking novel Dune as part of the incredible story. While the main events may be set, the fate of your House is not. The fall of the Imperium and the rise of Muad’Dib will tear the Known Universe apart. Side with the Fremen against the Imperium and risk the Emperor destroying you too, but remain loyal for too long and you will face the onslaught of the Fremen Jihad. Can your House navigate the webs of plot and treachery to determine its own fate in this time of prophecy and destiny?

This 144-page, full colour, hardcover campaign book takes you from the Imperium Era to the Ascension of Muad’Dib Era. It also includes detail on continuing your campaign in the new regime, including the Qizarate as a new faction and detail on the state of the Known Universe after Paul takes the throne. The campaign itself is broken into four Acts, each with three full adventures, several more story seeds and expansion advice:


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