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Dune RPG: Desert Planet - Adventure Compendium Vol 1

Dune RPG: Desert Planet - Adventure Compendium Vol 1

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Politic over dinner with House Atreides. Encounter the deadly Fremen in the harsh desert. Make deals with ruthless underworld figures to make secret spice deals. The desert planet is waiting for you. Do you have the skills and the wits to survive?

In a remote part of the Known Universe lies the most important planet in the Imperium. Arrakis, a world of such vast deserts it is known to its native people as ‘Dune’. No one would bother with the harsh and deadly world were it not for the spice. The spice is everything, and no matter how much is harvested, it will never be enough. The spice grants power to those who know how to use it, and longer life to anyone who can afford it.

The time has come for you to venture to this desert planet. Your House needs spice and this is the place to find it. While it might be freely available in the Imperium at large, it is found far cheaper among the thieves and smugglers who are always looking for customers. But you are not the only ones looking to make a deal. In the alleys of Arrakeen are spies and assassins of every caliber. There is nothing you can find that someone will not kill to take from you. On Arrakis the stakes are always high, and the desert hides all manner of buried secrets.

This adventure compendium collects some of the most popular digital release adventures and collates them into a new Arrakis campaign. It also includes new detail on the city of Arrakeen with a wealth of new locations and characters, expanding on the information found in Sand and Dust.


  • 1x Dune: Desert Planet - Adventure Compendium Vol 1

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