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Elder Scrolls: Draugr Lords

Elder Scrolls: Draugr Lords

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The oldest and most powerful of all their brethren, the Draugr Lords are the leaders of the undying legions. Red Eagle, the ancient hero of the Reach who led an army to defeat an Empire. Sigdis Gauldurson is the powerful wielder of the legendary Blackbow. Curamil, the legendary Alchemist who guards a fabulous treasure. Olaf One-Eye, an ancient, legendary, dragon-slaying High King of Skyrim. The Gatekeeper, a guardian of an even greater foe, she stands between Adventurers and the secrets of the ancient Dragonborn.


  • 5x Miniatures
    • 1x Red Eagle
    • 1x Sigdis Gauldurson
    • 1x Curamil
    • 1x Olaf One-Eye
    • 1x The Gatekeeper
  • 5x Base

Please Note:

  • Miniatures are supplied unpainted and some assembly will be required.
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