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Dobble Connect

Dobble Connect

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Fun, fast-paced and frantic: Dobble Connect is the ultimate reflex game! Be the fastest team to connect 4 cards in your colour, in a row. To line up new cards, name the only common symbol between the card in your hand and those already laid down. Everyone plays at the same time, so watch out for the other teams and block them with your cards before they do.

In Dobble Connect, there is only one common symbol between every two cards. Your goal as a team: be the first to spot the match to connect the cards!

- First, pick your teammate and a colour: will you choose pink, green, blue or orange?

- Next, spot the match between a card on the table and one of your cards to place them next to each other.

- Don't forget to block your opponents! The first team to align 4 cards wins the round.

- With this many cards and symbols, spotting the match can be tricky! Will you be quick enough?

Dobble Connect is a fun game of speed, perfect to play with friends or family!

2-8 Players | 8+ Years | 20 mins to play.

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