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DAN-2 Danish Skirmish Set

DAN-2 Danish Skirmish Set

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Danish Skirmish Set

Defense of many Danish strongpoints and towns was based mainly on national units, their strength was increased before the war, in 1657. They usually included musketeer units supported by national cavalry companies. However this second formation lacked experience so it was often supported by mercenary cavalry. In the face of the Swedish offensive the local forces were often supported by partisans. The renowned snapphanar were sometimes able to delay the attacking Swedes and to cut their lines of communication.

The box contains:

Danish Colonel:
1 mounted colonel
1 mounted standard bearer
1 mounted musician

2 Mercenary Armoured Reiter companies:
12 Reiter miniatures
12 Horses

2 Danish National Reiter Companies:
12 Reiter miniatures
12 Horses

3 Danish National Infantry Musketeer Companies:
9 Musketeer Miniatures

Snapphanar unit:
4 Snapphanar Miniatures

9 3x4cm Bases
5 2x4cm Bases
1 set of Danish Banners

15mm, metal

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