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KOZ-10 Cossack Skirmish Set

KOZ-10 Cossack Skirmish Set

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Cossack Skirmish Set

The Cossack Skirmish Force a great starting point for everyone beginning their foray into “By Fire and Sword”. The set allows playing games at the Skirmish Level.

The box contains a Colonel, two Moloitsy sotnias, a Registered Moloitsy sotnia, a mounted Cossacks sotnia, Plastuny scouts, and wagons.

Moloitsy – very valorous Cossack infantry. It fought in a mixed spear and shot formation.

Registered Moloitsy – the core of the Cossack army and its most valuable formation.

Mounted Cossacks – this formation was more of a mounted infantry. It conducted offensive and reconnaissance operations.

Plastuny scouts – this reconnaissance unit can surprise the enemy by unexpectedly appearing from impassable terrain and disorganizing their rear, or trying to shoot the enemy commander.

Wagon train – it consisted of light peasant wagons arranged in up to 20 rows. It was armed with large numbers of firearms and artillery, especially small caliber, set up on the wagons and between them.

The box contains:
1 Cossack Colonel:
1 mounted colonel miniature 1 mounted standard bearer miniature
1 mounted musician miniature

2 Moloitsy Sotnias:
12 moloitsy with firearms miniatures
8 moloitsy with spears miniatures
2 commander miniatures
2 drummer miniatures

1 Registered Moloitsy Sotnia:
9 registered moloitsy with firearms miniatures
3 command miniatures

1 Mounted Cossacks Sotnia:
9 mounted miniatures
9 foot miniatures

2 Wagons

Platuny Scouts:
4 Plastuny miniatures

4 pcs 3×4 cm bases
17 pcs 2×4 cm bases
2 pcs 3×8 cm bases
Spears set
3 Cossack banners sets
1 Cossack command banners set

15mm, metal/plastic

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