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Black Organiser HeroQueset

Black Organiser HeroQueset

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The Black Organizers are the ultimate in board game organization and design.

The innovative plug-in system in elegant, timeless black does not require any annoying glue, complicated screws or idle nails. It can be easily put together and fits precisely and at the same time visually appealing in the game box, so that all components, whether miniatures, tiles, dice or even sleeved cards, can be safely stowed away and protected, transported and stored.

But also outside of the game box, the organizers raise the gaming experience to a whole new level thanks to their practicality: removed from the game box, the trays on the table look really nice and also offer the players the convenient option of being able to access all game components, without the risk of losing small parts or damaging sensitive cards. And when the game is over, every small part does not have to be collected, counted and stowed away in a laborious Sisyphean task; with the Black Organizer this is done in a matter of seconds.

The elegant and high-quality design made of high-quality wood combined with the ingenious system and precise workmanship makes this organizer a must-have for every board game fan.


  • Length: 40cm
  • Width: 30.5cm
  • Height: 14cm


  • 1x Black Organizer Hero Quest

Please Note:

  • A copy of the base game is not supplied and is shown for illustrative purposes.
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