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Battle Spirits Saga: Aquatic Invaders Booster Pack

Battle Spirits Saga: Aquatic Invaders Booster Pack

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Welcome to Battle Spirits Saga, the trading card game where cards and cores create an exciting world filled with countless strategies.

Long ago, the realms were disparate lands in constant conflict. Then, 250 years ago, a hero called Kei appeared, ending the wars and unifying the realms into a single, peaceful empire under his rule. However, as many histories have proven, peace never lasts. Two and a half centuries later, law and order has grown lax, government corruption has spread, and the empire’s authority has begun to wane, threatening an end to the era.

With the new card color BLUE, all six colors are finally available! Blue lets you destroy your opponent’s deck for maximum impact!

Blue spirits with great power such as War Gods are aiming to control each realm’s sanctuary! Advancing the game state by focusing on nexuses, blue also has effects that can destroy your opponent’s deck!

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