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Assassin's Creed RPG: Complete Accessory

Assassin's Creed RPG: Complete Accessory

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Immerse yourself in the legendary Assassin’s Creed© video game universe. Play across time from the modern day to the ancient world, experiencing different eras and interpreting characters belonging to cultures from every corner of the planet. The fight between the Assassin Brotherhood and the Templars is more than a battle of stealth and blades. It is a conflict between tyranny and free will that affects humanity itself.

Designed by Max Castellani and Andrea Macchi (Brancalonia, Inferno: Dante’s Guide to Hell), along with Francesco Nepitello (Lex Arcana, The One Ring), the Assassin’s Creed Roleplaying Game faithfully replicates the atmosphere and setting of the video game, in a cinematic experience that brings together a team of modern-day characters as they synchronize with their ancestors to unlock mysteries hidden in history itself.

Choose your approach, then roll the dice. Dive in the Assassin’s Creed Roleplaying game to forge your history!

While called Accessories, the Witness Cards, the Pieces of Eden and the Skill Cards together, act like a powerful sourcebook, expanding the possibilities and the variable for the game. They can be invaluable to Reader and Players alike. The Complete Accessory Pack has been designed to serve the needs of a full crew of player and not just a single one

Please Note:

  • One Assassin's Creed RPG: Complete Accessory Pack is supplied.
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