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Ancient Knowledge

Ancient Knowledge

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As the ancient builders of this world, the last survivors of the civilization before ours, you are now the only holders of this multi-millennial knowledge. Leave your mark on history through stone and traditions, and protect this ancient knowledge.

Ancient Knowledge is a strategy game in which you must build a game engine that will evolve over the course of time. Each turn, all your monuments get closer to the inevitable: falling into the past. It's up to you to find the best synergy so that you can pass down knowledge before the decline of the emblematic monuments you have constructed, monuments we still find nowadays in the four corners of the globe. From Mexican pyramids to the Sphinx of Giza, passing through the famous cities of Tiwanaku and Babylon, only the cleverest builder will shine through the ages and seize victory. In this game, your only enemy is time.

At the end of each turn, all your monuments must slide to the left on your player board, declining little by little, until they reach the past, making you regret all this lost knowledge. When a player has at least 14 monuments in their past, the game ends. Will your monuments withstand the trial of time?

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