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ABC Warriors: Joe Pineapples Steelhorn & Ro-Jaws

ABC Warriors: Joe Pineapples Steelhorn & Ro-Jaws

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An elite sniper, Joe Pineapples was recruited into the ABC Warriors to assist colonists on Mars. Now he is back on the Red Planet to thwart Volkhan. Steelhorn used his Implosion Hammer to devastating effect, almost ending the Volgan war before being corrupted by Volkhan and Blackblood, who unleashed him against his own side.

Ro-Jaws, an anarchic former sewer droid, ended up in Mekana on Mars, helping Tubal Caine and Zippo in their resistance activities.

Contains three Warlord Resin ABC Warriors miniatures with plastic bases and game cards.

Models supplied unassembled and unpainted

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