Battle of Guildford Courthouse - British Grenadier Mega Game

Posted by Peter 08/01/2019 0 Comment(s) Events,
Entoyment Wargaming and Hobby Centre presents The Battle of Guildford Courthouse - AWI Mega game.
Hosted by Entoyment Wargaming and Hobby Centre and organised by our very own Andy Tutton.
The event has 8 places available with four places on each side.
You will also need to to bring along a tape measure and a set of D6 Dice. All the models and terrain is provided. Knowledge of the British Grenadier ruleset is useful but not necessary.
Arrival time is 9.30am, we expect to start the game around 10am.
Entry is £7.50 for the day. You will need to pick up a ticket from our website.
Players are expected to play in the spirit of the game.
This event is being held at the new Entoyment Wargaming and Hobby Centre. We expect this event to be very popular. The store can also give support with hotel arrangements for the weekend should you require some advice.