Games Design Workshop with James Wallis

Posted by Peter 29/11/2018 0 Comment(s) Events,
Saturday 2nd February 2019 (2pm - 5pm)
Entoyment with well renowned games designer James Wallis, creator of Once Upon A Time, The Extraordinary Adventures Of Baron Munchausen and the new RPG Alas Vegas, from The Gaming Masterclass will be running an event in store this coming February.
Tickets are £30 and can be purchased on our webstore.
The Masterclass itself runs for three hours: James will talk for about an hour, explaining how games work and how to make them, and then people work in teams of three or four to concept, design, test, evaluate, rebuild and retest their games.
Everyone gets to play two games created by other teams, and participants get to keep the games they've made. It's fun, very popular, and previous teams who have gone on to set up companies to publish the games that they created in the Masterclass.
This is a superb opportunity with James coming down to Dorset for the day and we encourage those interested in this opportunity to get involved. Would also make a superb Christmas present for a family member interested in board games and making their own.