U14's KoW Young Guns 1k Tournament

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Warborne Gamers Club and Entoyment are holding an Under 14's Kings of War event on Saturday January 26th at the Gaming Centre.


Points Limit – 1,000 points

Army lists must comply with the amendments in the 2018 Clash of Kings book and 
may be chosen from the lists provided in the Kings of War Rulebook, Uncharted
Empires and Twilight Kin, adhering to the standard 25% ruling on allies. Living 
Legend heroes & units from Destiny of Kings & Edge of the Abyss
are also permitted. New units and Living Legends from Clash of Kings 2018 are also 
allowed. Up to one formation per army may be chosen from the Edge of the Abyss or 
Clash of Kings 2018 books. Please mark on your army list which units are part of the 
formation. Units in formations may not select any additional magical artefacts.
In this tournament you ARE PERMITTED to purchase additional spells from the Clash 
of Kings 2018 book for allied spell casters. 

Scenarios – 1. Kill. 2. Dominate. 3. Loot

Clocks – Are NOT required

Painting & Story – There will be awards for best painted army, unit and monster and best story written by the child about their army. The Story and Army List must be submitted to Warborne@outlook.com by 24/01/2018

Scoring System: This is a non-competitive tournament, however we will be recording the results using the normal point system to ensure each player will play the right opponent for their level throughout the day. These will not be published or displayed at any time.

Tournament points will be awarded as follows 
Win – 15 Points 
Draw – 10 Points 
Loss – 5 Points 

Then, modify your score according to the VP difference – 
VP Difference Highest VP player modifier/ Lowest VP player modifier 
1600+ +5 / -5 
1200-1599 +4 / -4 
800-1159 +3 / -3 
400-799 +2 / -2 
100-399 +1 / -1 
0-99 0 / 0 

Prizes are as follows:

Player of the Day
Best Army
Best Monster/Character
Best Unit
Best Story about the Army played
Most Sporting
Plus prizes for everyone

Timings – The Schedule for the day is as follows:

10.00am – Registration
10:40am – Game 1
12.30am – Game 2
2:00pm – Lunch
3.00pm – Game 3
4:45pm – Presentations & Close