The Hunger Games 28mm WW2

Posted by Peter 06/09/2018 0 Comment(s) Events,
Sunday 23rd December 2018 (10am-3pm)
The Hunger Games goes all WW2 at Entoyment this Winter.
Bring along just one figure.....28mm suitable......representing a World War 2 silly proxies please or colour schemes....this is supposed to represent WW2 in look and feel.
You will be randomly dropped, there will be loot boxes, Random events, mines, static guns, zone denial as the numbers go down and the rules will be a mis-mash of various systems...with random turn sequence....
There are 20 places to start with. There can be only one winner. We will be having two games on the once you are out, hang around for game two.
Tickets are free, please pick one up through the webstore so we know that you are attending.