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Entoyment Wargaming and Hobby Centre

29/30.06.2024 - Vespasian 2024 Field of Glory Tournament

29/30.06.2024 - Vespasian 2024 Field of Glory Tournament

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Vespassian 2024 Field of Glory Tournament Version 3.1 as per online lists and rules.   

This will take place at Entoyment on Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th June 2024. Cost is 30 Pounds per player.

We will be running our normal 3 games on the Saturday,  starting at 0900 briefing. games will then run 0915 -1215, 1300 - 1600 1630 - 1930 hrs. 

Sunday timings are  be 0915-1215 1300-1600. 


Medieval Southern Europe, Mediterranean  & Outremer 1150 to 1498.

Lists to David Bannister by Sunday 16th June midnight. please. 

Please book tickets via Entoyment website. 

850 points on 72 x 48 tables. Allies only from armies listed below.

Special Restrictions as part of the whole army : No more than 16 bases of Pike. No more than 16 bases of Longbow.


Seljuk Turk

Taifa Andalusian

Medieval Spanish and Portuguese

Italo-Norman and Sicilian

Medieval German (Imperial German in Italy) 1154 to 1235.

Medieval French (Albigensian Crusade) 1213

Communal Italian

Papal Italian

Komnenan Byzantine


Ayyubid Egyptian

Medieval Cypriot

Mamluk Egyptian

Late Byzantine

Condotta Italian

Santa Hermandad Nueva Castilian

Christian Nubian


Muslim North Africa

Italian Feudal Allies

Cilician Armenian Allies

Later Grenadine allies
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