New Gaming Centre

Gaming at the new Entoyment Wargaming and Hobby Centre

Our new Gaming Centre opens at Unit 2 Fleetsbridge Business Centre, Poole on Thursday 19th July 2018.


Monday to Friday 10am until 10pm. Saturday and Sunday 10am until 6pm.

Table hire is £5 per 6 x 4 table regardless of how many are playing. Booking reservations can be made via our online Booking Service 

We have a selection of themed gaming nights at Entoyment, although you can hire a table and play whatever you like, when you like.

We also have a selection of starter sets and board games in our library should you want to use one of them.


Monday nights is Warborne Gaming Club meet and FFG night

Tuesday nights is Poole Gaming Society

Wednesday nights is Games Workshop night

Thursday nights is Entoyment IXth Legion Gaming Night

Friday nights is Boardgames night

Saturdays and Sundays we run regular events and other tables are available for open gaming.