Ten Thunders

Ten Thunders

Not every faction vying for control of Malifaux's resources exerts an overt presence in their bid for power. Even those who think of themselves as secretive, such as the self-proclaimed Arcanists, invariably announce their presence loudly enough to attract the attention of the other factions warring with one another.

There is one faction, however, which prides itself on avoiding attention. Until recently, their name meant nothing to people in power in Malifaux, but that has changed. The mere mention of the name Ten Thunders breeds a quiet dread in men's hearts, chilling the blood. The origin of the Ten Thunders crime syndicate is a mystery to the residents of Malifaux, save that they appear to have some sort of connection to the Three Kingdoms of Earth.

Membership in the Ten Thunders is almost exclusively comprised of residents of these insular nations. They are sworn to secrecy, and any of their number would willingly give their lives for the family rather than reveal its secrets, which has made it difficult for the Guild to break up or infiltrate their ranks. Even the Ten Thunders' locally hired agents - of which there are few - do not know how their employers have been able to reach across the Breach to establish an extensive crime network in Malifaux.

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1 Ten Thunders Lotus Eater Box Set Contains: 3 Plastic miniatures3 Stat cards3 Bases ..

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Shadow Emissary

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