Empire of the dead is a tabletop skirmish game for two or more players, using 28 mm miniature models to represent each players band of characters.

The game is set in an age where a steampunk victorian empire rules the world. An empire fueled by an extraordinary discovery. The mineral that has become known as infernium. But all is not well, dark shadows from our deepest nightmares stalk the smog shrouded streets of London. An ancient evil is rising from defeat.

Players choose from 4 starter factions which they can expand and add to from a range of special character models. Each game is played over several turns, each turn consisting of four distinct phases.

During the maintenance phase players check for victory conditions defined by the specific scenario being played and resolves any issues created by the results of the previous turn, for example take dice rolls for wound recovery.

During the initiative phase players roll dice for initiative to determine who will activate its characters first.

During the activation phase the players activate their faction, one model at a time, moving, shooting and assaulting enemy models. Once the first player has activated all his models, the second player does likewise.

Finally, all close combat events is settled during the combat phase.

The easy to follow campaign rules and rich background create endless possibilities for gamers to build faction and achieve their own aims. Factions grow with each battle and may spend their hard-earned coins on new weapons, skills and attribute improvements.

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Empire of the Dead Rulebook

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