The Galactic Republic

The Galactic Republic

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ARC-170 Starfighter Expansion Pack

The ARC-170 is the Galactic Republic's mainstay heavy starfighter. Equipped torpedoes allow this int..

£27.99 £23.80 Ex Tax: £23.80

Delta-7 Aethersprite Expansion Pack

The Delta-7 Aethersprite is an elegant craft designed to help Jedi Knights cross the gulfs..

£18.99 £16.15 Ex Tax: £16.15

Guardians of the Republic Squadron Pack

War! The Galactic Republic reels from the blow dealt by the the fledgling Separatist Alliance. But e..

£36.99 £31.44 Ex Tax: £31.44

Galactic Republic Maneuver Dial Upgrade Kit

Announce your alliegance to the Galactic Republic with the Galactic Republic Maneuver Dial Upgr..

£8.99 £7.65 Ex Tax: £7.65