Separatist Alliance

Separatist Alliance

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Vulture-class Droid Fighter Expansion

The Vulture-class Droid Fighter is the backbone of the Separatist Navy and emblematic of its st..

£18.99 £16.15 Ex Tax: £16.15

Servants of Strife Squadron Pack

War! The Separatist Alliance has driven a spike into the heart of the galaxy, splintering the once-u..

£36.99 £31.44 Ex Tax: £31.44

Sith Infiltrator Expansion Pack

The Sith operate in the shadows. As they unfold their dark machinations across the galaxy, they need..

£36.99 £31.44 Ex Tax: £31.44

Separatist Alliance Maneuver Dial Upgrade Kit

Proudly declare your independence from the Republic with the Separatist Alliance Maneuver Dial ..

£8.99 £7.65 Ex Tax: £7.65