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Aitolian Army 450BC-275BC

Aitolians were known as being more warlike than Greeks in general. Unlike most Greek armies Aitolian..

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Alexandrian Macedonian 355BC-320BC

This represents the army of Philip II (355BC-336BC), Alexander the Great (336BC-329BC) and the regen..

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Athenian Army 450BC-275BC

Athens at one time headed one of the largest and most powerful leagues in the Greek world, an empire..

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Later Achaemenid Army 420BC-329BC

The later Persian armies had shifted away for the traditional sparabara infantry in favour of mercen..

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Theban Army 450BC-275BC

Thebes dominated her neighbours and headed the 'Boiotian League', a league of cities in the surround..

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Thessalian Army 450BC-275BC

Thessaly was famous in the Greek world for her excellent cavalry. The Thessalian plains were less ur..

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Thracian Army 700BC-46AD

Most often ruled by rival kings, the Thracian tribes occupied lands stretching from the shores of th..

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