Dogs of War

Dogs of War

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DOW01 Fanatical Pilgrims (same as SFH07 Angry Monks)

DOW01 Fanatical Pilgrims (same as SFH07 Angry Monks) (12).Comes with Rules Card...

£21.00 Ex Tax: £21.00

DOW02 Turcopoles

DOW02 Turcopoles (8).The Turcopoles were Turks, Greeks or Syrians who served as auxiliary horse arch..

£28.00 Ex Tax: £28.00

DOW03 Turcomen (same as SSN06)

DOW03 Turcomen (same as SSN06) (8).The Turcomans were some of the best horse archers that could be f..

£28.00 Ex Tax: £28.00

DOW04 Naffatan

DOW04 Naffatan (4).The Naffatun were a specialized type of Turkish infantry that used as their weapo..

£6.00 Ex Tax: £6.00

DOW05 Daylami

DOW05 Daylami (8).The Daylami were a notoriously harsh and warlkine people from Persia, their name b..

£14.00 Ex Tax: £14.00

Western Mercenaries

Western Mercenaries!8 unscrupulous types available as Auxiliaries for most of the Christian Factions..

£14.00 Ex Tax: £14.00